Msi GT683DXR GPU Overheating

Hello, I have Msi lapto GT683DXR and the GPU is constantly overheating even when idle. I've already cleaned the fan and removed all the dust and yet the gpu still seems to be stuck in overdrive. It's at the point where any game I play now loses frames.

I do have to mention that there was a point where I heard a weird sound come out of the fan itself (sounded like an immediate klink, klink klink) as if one of the blades on the fan itself broke but upon further inspection the blades seemed fine.

Can anyone help me out on this?

EDIT: I'm going add that the laptop itself runs applications extremely slow now. When I play games, they don't run the way they used to and I experience quite abit of frame drops.
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  1. steppan_ek said:

    This doesn't help my problem.
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