Please help with VTX3D Radeon HD7870 X-Edition Information?

Im looking at running 2 of these cards in crossfire because the numbers look really impressive compared to the other factory overclocked cards, however they are about $30 AUD cheaper than the others and I was wondering why.
Because there is no solid information or benchmarks online im having trouble comparing them to say the powercolor 7870. So if anyone could help me out with any info you have it would be hugely appreciated :wahoo:
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  1. You're far better off running a single 7970 than two 7870s. Crossfire is hit and miss. In some applications it works great, in some applications it actually destroys performance.
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    all 7870 graphics cards have almost the same performance(overclocked editions are a little bit faster) but VTX is new brand and people like to buy from old trusted brands like sapphire,powercolor,msi gigabyte,asus,XFX
    and single 7970 sounds better as pinhead said
  3. Ok so it's cheaper because the brand is new to the market, thankyou very much.
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  5. you are welcome
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