Is this the correct estimated Wattage on pcpartpicker?

I'm not sure if this is the correct estimated wattage for my custom build. It seems a little low if you ask me. Please help!
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    The i5-3570 is a 77w TDP chip, and the GTX 670 is a 170w TDP graphics card. Throw in all the other hardware, and that looks just about right. Everyone over-estimates what size PSU they truly need. You could easily get away with a high-quality 450-500w PSU and save some money.
  2. Hmmmm OK I'll go back down to a 500w...again...haha thanks.
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  4. it not the total output you have to watch out for it the amps rating on the 12v line. 300w is 25 amps. with any power supply you dont want to to load it more then 70 percent of it rated output..anymore and it can ripple out or over heat and have voltage drops.
  5. Soooo, would a 550w PSU be good?
  6. If your planing to overclock you need Core i5 3570K.Not what you have the Core i5 3570 is for non overclocking and yes a 550W is fine
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