Problem connecting a 7970

Went to hook up my new 7970 today and realized that it requires to 2 8 pin pci-e power connectors. My power supply has 1 8 pin and 1 6 pin. So I started calling around to try and find a lp4 to 6 or 8 pin pci-e adapter. The graphics card comes with a 6 to 8 pin adapter so I figured I could use that with the lp4 to 6 pin if I couldnt find an 8 pin. Couldnt find either where I live but was able to track down a lp4 to 6 pin an hour away.

Drove all the way there talked to the guys at the store about what I needed it for and they said it would work. I came home tried to plug it in and the 6 pin pci-e on it has 3 square and 3 notched instead of the 2 square 4 notched that it should be so it wont plug in. I'm afraid to order one online now because they dont specify how many are notched.

Is this a common problem?
Can anybody put up a link to the proper adapter that I need?

Oh my power supply is a antec earthwatts 650 so its got enough power to run the card.
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  1. u need molex to 8 pin adapter
  2. cable came in and i'm up and running
    now to mod-up skyrim
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