Asrock z77 extreme4- how do disable onboard graphics?

Hello, how do I go about doing this? In the BIOS all I see is what to set the default graphics to, which I have it set to PCI express. What else can I do to disable it?
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  1. That should do it.
  2. Yeah if it is set to PCI express, then it will disable automatically if a PCI express card is installed.
  3. negative!

    I have a nvidia gtx 285 in the pcie slot as my main graphics and if I move the second monitor connector to the native intel 4000 HD on board graphics connector the on board graphics are active.

    I am pulling my hair out because this is a fresh install on an asrock z77 extreme4 and I am getting the "nvidia graphics driver stopped responding but has recovered" message and wei scores below 6 and terrible graphics performance in general with the screen constantly going blank and that message coming up.

    I cannot get a response from the asrock support and I will never buy another mother board that does not provide phone support!
  4. Hey dude,
    I had the same problem... just got it fixed..

    you are suppose to disable "igpu multi monitor" settings..

    In bios => Advanced => North Bridge configuration => igpu multi monitor -> Disable..

  5. Thank you very much served me to disable the integrated graphics in the bios, but another problem arose me after a while I decided to sell my gtx 670 video Blast and remove it and try to boot with integrated graphics on my processor (i5-2500) the Error motherboard D6 and shows me no video nor hdmi vga or dvi.
    When reinstalling the gtx670 start normally and could access the bios menu but to my surprise desapareciero the option No, K OC, memory can not be often increase over 1333 (prior to 1866 worked perfectly with kingston Kit 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 1866MHz XMP HYPERX BEAST).
    Anyone else happened this problem and tend the solution? thank you very much
    Sorry if not very coerentes certain things but I am using a translator because my English is not very good

    Muchas gracias me sirvio para desactivar los graficos integrados de la bios, pero me surgio otro problema luego de un tiempo decidi vender mi targeta de video gtx 670 y al retirarla y tratar de bootear con los graficos integrados en mi procesador (i5-2500) la tarjeta madre me muestra error D6 y no hay video ni por vga hdmi ni dvi.
    Al colocar de nuevo la gtx670 inicio normalmente y pude acceder al menu de la bios pero para mi sorpresa desapareciero la opcion No-K OC, la memoria no se le puede aumentar la frecuencia a mas de 1333 (antes funcionaba perfectamente a 1866 con Kit kingston 8gb Dual Channel DDR3 1866mhz HYPERX BEAST XMP).
    A alguien mas le paso este problema y tien la solucion? Muchas gracias
    Disculpen si no son muy coerentes ciertas cosas pero estoy usando traductor ya que mi ingles no es muy bueno
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