Will my 9 yr old psu run this new setup?

hey guys, i have a thermaltake xaser III silent purepower 480w psu that was bought in 2004 for a 2.8 ghz p4ht ,1gb of ram, and a 256mb nvidia fx5200 (agp)...

for almost a year it has been running a 3.2 p4ht, 2gb of ram, and an ati 512mb hd2600xt (agp) on an Abit IC7g... recently switched to an nvidia 256mb 6800gt (waay slower, my 2600 died(ram module)..

but now i bought an asrock 880gm-le fx with a amd phenom II x4 965 and 4gb of 1333 ram... no video card yet..igp...

so, can it work??

any decent video cards I can use?
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  1. by now the caps are probably ready to burst, i wouldn't try it, safer just to get a new one considering they are cheap
  2. i had it open the other day (i know, bad idea) to clean, still shiny and smooth.. and i got the mobo,cpu, and ram for $140usd so im on a tiny budget...no money for a psu or card right now :/
  3. so then use it.
  4. Does your old power supply even have all the right connectors on it? You might want to check that out.
  5. yea, it does.... i just want to know if the amperage/voltage will be fine, I know pretty much all there is to know about computers, but when it comes to psu's im lacking :/
  6. What everyone else is saying is pretty much spot on, a 9year old PSU, even one that's been used sparingly, will probably not be in the best shape.
    I'd definitely be unsure as to whether or not it would have sufficient connectors. My (limited) info I can find says it has a 20pin motherboard connector (old style) and no PCIe cables (though obviously you don't have a graphics card right now).
    In terms of power, it's got a single 18A 12V rail, so brand new it could theoretically throw out a little over 200W. It should be enough to power up a system without a GPU but it's a very limited solution. I would hugely advise against trying to stick any graphics card in there.

    Personally, I wouldn't risk using it unless you have to.
  7. ^ thats what I was thinking.... and yes, 18amp. 20 pin.... its all I have right now, im not running anything else besides my ide (my system was old!!) hard drive, two fans, sound card, and ethernet card.... annnd thats probably pushing it too far isnt it?
  8. It's not fantastic. It's anyone's guess what it is truly capable of after this much time.
    I think it's definitely safe to say that pretty much any graphics card is going to make it go sleep-sleep or boom-boom.

    I would definitely advise against using it for any length of time, even if it seems to be running fine.
    A new PSU doesn't have to be expensive. An entry level 400-500W PSU will cover up to most mid range cards. For a bit of leeway something like a modern 550W will run pretty much any single graphics card. It depends on what you have in mind for the future.
  9. im trying to get it to run skyrim and upcoming c&c generals 2 on high/whatever on windows xp (what i run) because I have programs that wont run on 7...

    opinion on this psu? >>

  10. You won't be able to play Skyrim with a Nvidia 256mb 6800gt card, if that's what you're using (seems like it from your post).
  11. Looks terrible :) Any no-name brand is usually a bad idea, you just don't know what you are getting.

    With discounts and rebates, a Corsair CX500 is $30 at Newegg. It's not the greatest PSU in the world, but it's solid and at that price, great value. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139027
  12. it actually does run... kinda looks like tf2 though (lol)... and with my 2600 i had it maxxed on xp dx9... besides the point though lol..... and that psu i posted is worthless... ignore it
  13. Should never, ever be cheap on the PSU. Its the single most important component in your PC. You got some decent hardware, well worth what you paid. Would be a shame to see it damaged somehow by a PSU that is that old or that cheap (the ebay one).
  14. yea, been reading up more and more on cheapies and how dangerous they really can be.... not even going to plug my new stuff in until I get a new psu
  15. GOOD choice on replacing it.
    Age bothers me from the standpoint that it most likely does NOT have quality electrolytic Caps and that you are limited to a single 18 amp +12.

    1) Most newer systems power consumption is derived from the +12 V
    2) On capacitors, yes they do age; however, I currently have 3 systems that were built in 1998, used until 2004, placed in storage until 2009 (Storage is hard on electrolytic caps), powered on in Dec 2009 and are still runing almost on daily - That puts these PSUs at 15 years old. WOULD not expect that longevity fom a low->mid end computer PSU.
  16. yea, im just gonna try to sell my old setup for the money, looking at an OCZ XD
  17. well, ive found a couple (sorry for double post).... which is best?


  18. oh my god , the 9 year old is better than the radicrap , thermaltake not sure , look up teviews , they are all over the place , they make good and lots of overrated crap . Antec Seasonic corsair xfx PCPower cooling are things to look at
  19. I'd probably go with:

    This one should handle upto a 6850 GPU. +12 V rail = 32A $35 after $10 MIR

    My OCed i5-2500k, 16 gigs of ram and a 6870 only draws 350 Watts w/GPU at full load.
  20. RetiredChief said:
    I'd probably go with:

    This one should handle upto a 6850 GPU. +12 V rail = 32A $35 after $10 MIR

    My OCed i5-2500k, 16 gigs of ram and a 6870 only draws 350 Watts w/GPU at full load.

    Good choices for low priced power supplies , at least they can deliver clean rated+ power and are well built .
  21. my proc. is 125tdp, and im going to run a pci sound card, and four led fans(i like the color lol)... i want to be able to play recent and semi recent games on high (if not ultra)
  22. It's kinda important to have an idea of what graphics card you intend to use, or at least the rough area.
    I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it's not going to be super high end.

    The CX500 I suggested earlier should run more or less everything short of the really high end stuff. At $30 it's fantastic value.
    I'd usually suggest the XFX Core450/550 but they are quite a lot more expensive, same with any Seasonics.
    It's not going to get better than $30 really, and it covers you for pretty much any single GPU card on the market.
  23. 69xx amd, 550ti-ish nvidia im hoping
  24. well completely defying my expectations, and everyone elses, i tested it...

    first I opened the psu, no swollen caps or anything (cleaned dust tho)
    i plugged it up, 4gb ddr3, amd phn II x4 965 BE OC to 3.8 (overclocked by default, didnt notice it until now) and old ide hard drive and sata dvd.... two led 80mm fans.

    runs PERFECTLY i plugged my dads 7870 into it, OVP or OCP still works, with that card in, wouldnt turn the psu on, took it out. runs perfect

    Anyway, bought a hx620, will that be good for a high end card?
  25. sorry double post... im on a cell phone, it happens
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