Horizontal lines on LED backlit monitor?

Ive never owned a LEd backlit LCD panel, and i just bought a BenQ XL2420t gaming monitor from Tiger Direct.

All in all its a great monitor... but i see this little, like texture in the picture... its almost likes its something between the screen itself and the image, and sometimes i can swear its moving downward. It lookts like tiny tiny lines going across on an X axis. I notice it alot on Red Orchestra 2 when its all smokey/foggy. sometiems its worse, sometimes its not. I never had a 120hz monitor, or LED to that matter so idk if this is normal and im just too close to this 24 monitor? i mean, its like, 6 inchs from the tip of my finger when i reach for it.. so idk.

i do have 20/15 vision so, idk if its just me seeing crap your not supposed to. Does this sound like a defective monitor? I know its worse if i turn the screen off, then back on, i notice it more then. I can also see it easily when i look at the screen from a downward angle.
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  1. it may be that your seeing the screen refreshing. try changing the refresh rate of the video drivers to 70 hz or faster and see if you still see the lines.
  2. Yeah ive set it to 60hz, and 120hz, both have the little lines. Its not super noticable, but im only sitting like 3.5 feet away from a 24 inch screen lol
  3. im about to plug the screen into another video card, see if thats the cause or not. cause i have to send this card back cause its overheating at only 70 degrees celcius
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