I want to know that is my cpu temp normal or not??

system specs:
gtx 550 ti zotac
i5 2400 intel
8gb ddr3 corsair
ga75md3h gigabyte
corsair vs 550w

recently i played heroes of might and magic 6 about for 1hour after that i checked cpu temp it about 56 degree to 58 degree approx of all 4 cores
so is it normal or having some problem??
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  1. Very normal. I have a 2400 too. Your load temps should ideally remain below 75C though the maximum temperatures your cores are designed to handle before a shutdown is nearly 100C. your thermal throttling will start after going as high as +95C so your's are great temps and no need to worry.

    your cpu has fail safes which will shut your pc down before any damage can happen.

    happy gaming :)
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