Cable sleeving colours?

So i want to sleeve my old psu and turn my disgusting old case and refurbishe it and so on. But i dont want to use green, blue or black which is pretty much all i cant find. Does somebody know how to get different or custom coloured sleeving?

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  1. Buy them?

    I'm not really sure what else to say. Shop around, They are out there.
  2. What warhead0 said. Did you search the internet? There are lots of sites that sell cable sleeving in all sorts of colors...
  3. Sorry i meant brown to be more specific. Heres a link with the cable sleeving that im looking for
  4. It looks more green to me than brown but i would use para-cord you can take the threads out the centre easily then use the outside sleeving. it comes in all kinds of colors including brown and dark green. http://
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