What do you guys think of this gaming/video editing pc?


i am going to get another video card, oc, and watercool everything including ram only for looks eventually
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  1. Looks good to me, but why buy an air cooler if you're going to WC everything?
  2. C+? im getting that air cooler because its half off, can use it later, and am watercooling later, not super soon
  3. I'd suggest another drive/s for the video editing . the more you separate os/prog/source/destination/etc the better
  4. ok, whats the difference between all the mobo's newegg doesnt really help with these because they all look almost exactly the same. i heard the 7970 ghz is faster than the 680? if so, is the gigabyte 7970 ghz faster and reference due to watercooling? i removed the cpu cooler also. i only need 2 drives for now, an ssd for the program and the hdd for all the videos
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