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Haswell equivalent of 3630qm

So I was wondering how fast the Haswell equivalent of the i7-3630qm might be? The i7-3630qm is 2.4Ghz with a turbo boost upto 3.4Ghz. Could the Haswell reach 2.7Ghz with a turbo boost to 3.7Ghz? or will this speed remain reserved for the more expensive laptop cpu's like right now?
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  1. Possible, but so far unknown. Since Intel is focusing on power consumption, the increase in clock speed will probably be relatively minor. Performance boost will likely come from be core architecture. Probably 6% - 8% better than Ivy Bridge CPUs.
  2. They're focusing on mobile devices more. I was hoping to see a noticeable improvement because this was a "tock" for Intel.
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    The noticeable improvement will come with the integrated graphics code. Laptops will get the more powerful "GT3" version of the graphics core. Not sure if it is called the Intel HD 4600 or HD 5000. Not sure what the exact performance increase is compared to the Intel HD 4000 though. Some people speculate between 50% - 100%.

    The CPU core will likely not improve much until Broadwell in 2014 which will be based on the 14nm die process. That allows Intel to reduce power and also increase clockspeed. I am sure they will also tweak the overall performance of the CPU core architecture as well.

    You are correct, Intel is focusing more on mobile device this time around. However, the mobile device they are focusing on is not the laptop. It is the tablet.
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