Cooler Master Elite 311 Air flow question

I have a Cooler Master Elite 311. I recently installed a Corsair H60 Hydrocool in my rig. And the only feasible place to mount the radiator fan combo is on my back exhaust port. I have installed it with the fan blowing air out(outside of case-fan exhuasting-Hydro radiator-inside of case) like the previous one was but this makes the fan pull air through the radiator from inside the case. Is this a bad thing or the way its supposed to work. Im thinking its the way its set up right. But i really want to know for sure. Also my side case fan is blowing in. So the front and side are blowing in and the back port is exhaust.
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  1. That is the correct way to set it up. Everything you describes seems right. No need to worry about anything
  2. I have the same case. I have installed fans like this
    front fan - air in
    side fan - air out
    rear fan - air out
    it works for me......
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