Which is the best cpu

which cpu is the best
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  1. i can't vote... however if you're into gaming purposes only then an core i5 CPU will be the best choice...if you're in for video editing/rendering/graphic design then go for core i7... if you're not planning on overclocking your system then you will not need a 'K' CPU and i5-3470 will be the best choice...
  2. There is no 'best' CPU. There is only value for the purpose.

    For gaming you want an i5-3570k and the most beastly video card your budget offers. For things like raytracing, compiles, video processing . . . .you generally just want to most cores, but it depends on the programs you are using and how well they scale.
  3. It generally depends on what is the purpose of the PC. The answer is usually the:

    i5-3570k for playing games.

    i7-3770k for a mix of gaming, 3D modelling, video encoding/editing and heavy Photoshop usage.

    i7 3970x is best for extremely CPU intensive tasks that can take advantage of 6 cores like 3D modelling and if money is generally no object. Sure you can still play games, if games is the only purpose then you are better off just buying an i5-3570k and using the rest of the money on a high end graphics card.
  4. I will admit that an i5 is the best currently but with the ps4 going to a octacore cpu I can't help but seeing an i7 being better for the future since developers have more of a reason to multi thread games more.
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