Cheap graphics card for intel core 2 duo

I'll give you as many stats on my pc as I know.

Intel Core 2 duo @2.13 ghz
nvidia geforce 7650 gs
3gbs ram

i would just like to upgrade the graphics card. I'm trying to run left 4 dead 2, and while it says my computer can run it, even with optimized settings, after 20-30 minutes of play, there is graphic stutter for almost 20 seconds every 10'ish minutes.

originally, I thought sapphire radeon 5450 hd would be fine, but it gets mixed reviews (but it's sooo cheap)

any help would be super appreciated!
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  1. We have to know your PSU and your motherboard
  2. Yes, we definitely need to know your motherboard and power supply unit.
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