Curious issue with geforce 7650 gs

I know this is an old card, but from all the research I've done, this graphics card should be more than sufficient to run such games as Left 4 Dead 2. When I run any game, after roughly 20 minutes of smooth gameplay, my graphics start stuttering for ten seconds at a time, and then proceeds to happen every 10 minutes or so.

All my settings are set to low, even my resolution is put down to 1024x768, and this still happens.

Here's some more information from my computer

Windows XP
Intel Core 2 cpu 6420 @2.13 ghz
Radeon 7650 gs
3gb RAM

anyone have an idea as to why this might be happening? I'm thinking that I need to upgrade my graphics card, and I was thinking with something like this: HD 5450.

Any idea?
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  1. The 5450 is pretty slow, you might want to get something faster. Make sure your card isnt overheating as well.
  2. thank you! i'll look into the overheating issue right away and see if that has anything to do with it
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