Best upgrades for my computer for under 500$

Im new to computer gaming and i was looking up the specs on my computer and im not running the best hardware and i was wonderig what upgrades i could do for my cpu to run games like bf3 or skyrim without any issues. my specs are
* AMD FX Series Quad Core FX 4100 Processor 3.6GHz
* 1TB Hard Drive
* NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
AMD 760G Chipset.
Email would help alot..

My email is
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  1. The best upgrade is 1)upgrade the cpu to fx 8350 2)upgrade gpu to hd 7950.
  2. First we don't know the model of your motherboard, therefore we can not be sure it supports the AMD FX 8350.
    Secondly we don't know the model of your power supply , so we don't know if it can handle the load.


    If your motherboard does not support the AMD 8 Core i meantioned above, but you've got a decent power supply, buy this graphics card.

    If your motherboard supports the FX 8350 and your PSU can handle the load, do the same.
    Go for the HD 7970 linked above.

    If your power supply can't handle the load, grab the HD 7970 listed above, but also buy a new power supply.

    If you want a power supply, that can power two HD 7970's and an overclocked AMD 8 core, grab this unit (if the tigerdirect link works for you)
    Or this one

    Or if you want a power supply that will handle and overclocked 8 core, but not two HD 7970's, go for this one.
  3. Best GPU. 520 is low. Buy at least a 7870.

    PSU. ???W
  4. If gaming is your main concern, then upgrading the GPU would prove to give you better performance.

    A radeon 7950 or a GTX 670 would be ideal as they are in the high-end segment of GPUs and they have great value.,review-32611-5.html - Recommendations by Tomshardware.

    You could sell the old FX 4100 and get a FX 6300. Those are pretty cheap and are in my point of view the best value CPU of the vishera series that still would provide you with some noticeable peformance benifit.

    If you walk this path, then you would still have money for a better PSU. As your current hardware doesn't use so much power then I can only conclude that your PSU might not be good enough for the new hardware.
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