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I am close to installing my motherboard into my case, and I had a question about placing it on the standoffs. I know that it is important to get the motherboard properly placed on the standoffs so that none of them poke the back of the board and short it. My question is, how likely is this to happen? Two of the nine standoffs I have in there have notches in them for locking the board into place, and I intend to put screw my motherboard into every standoff. If I do that, is there still any risk of a standoff touching an ungrounded part of the board? I know I might sound over-worried here, but I'm erring on the side of caution here. I don't want to ruin my motherboard over something so easily preventable.
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  1. Just make sure you have one standoff for each mounting hole in the motherboard and no more, and you will be absolutely fine. There would only be a potential problem if you installed extra standoffs in positions that don't correspond with your motherboard form factor maybe.
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