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I have a problem with my HAF 912 plus. This may be a noob question, but still I need help with this matter. I bought this case with 2 fans stock - front 200mm and back 120mm.

Now what I wanted to do was taking two old TT 1225 from my old Thermaltake V9 case and put them to front of HAF 912 plus and than mount the front 200mm as the upper fan (takin air out of the case).

And here is my problem - I can't find any screws which will fit to mount 200mm fan in the upper side of case. Tried every screw which came in with the case - no luck. Anyone tried to do it? Or is this 200mm fan meant for front only?

I couldn't mount the 120mm either - their screws were... to wide for haf 912 plus. I'm quite lost here.
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  1. Did you try attaching it with another method? Did you try finding screws that will fit in a store/online?
  2. I tried every possible screw which came with my case - no luck. Unfortunately in Poland it is hard to find a store which offers screws for this fan. I will try to contact CM HQ in Poland but as far as I know they don't tend to reply. :)

    I thought about this "plastic zips" or whatever it's called to mount the fan but I'd prefer screws.

    Maybe I didn't get all the screws which I should... The long screws which are used to mount the 200mm fan almost go through the holes in case. I tried the medium lenght ones - the same problem. I didn't find screws which are "fat" enough to hold the fan.
  3. - i found something like that online. Is it possible that these are the screws which I need? I didn't get them with my case for sure.
  4. Yes, plastic zips, or zip ties are possible. They don't look good, but they are very cheap. Maybe some 2-sided tape?

    I don't know what screws work, I'm sorry!
  5. I spoke to CoolerMaster tech specialist in USA - it seems that I should get screws which I didn't get. Well... polish market :)

    Anyway, I will try to fit every screw which I got again. If it won't work I will just use zip ties. Thank You for Your assistance - no matter what (computer related :) ) problem I have, I always get an answer here. Cheers!
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