How to uninstall discrete GPU and use intel hd3000

I have always used a 560Ti in my system but I am selling mine to upgrade. However, I am holding off for two (painful) months before I buy the replacement, 660Ti. In the meantime I want to use the intel HD 3000 graphics.

What steps are necessary to remove my GPU from my case and erase the drivers/software associated with it?

I'm assuming I can simply plug the monitor into my motherboard, instead of the 560Ti, and my computer will adjust, but I need to eliminate the 560Ti from my system so it doesn't cause interference with a new GPU.
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  1. No, it doesn't interfere at all.

    I ran my HD 3000 overclocked with the Nvidia drivers installed.

    If you want anything about overclocking the HD 3000...
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    go to BIOS and enable the iGPU first (is its disabled) then just plug your monitor to it, you shoulkd not have anyproblems
  3. I'm not going to overclock the HD3000. No gaming for 2 months. I can do it. My gf doubts it.

    When I install the new GPU will I have to uninstall drivers and such for the old one? (Also, I'm going with Nvidia again. For my purpose it's the better choice.)

    I'll update soon.
  4. The HD3000 graphics is ok. I won't dare gaming. One thing I noticed, is that texture or the look of my graphics feels slightly different. I can't explain it but I feel like there is a visual difference.

    Thanks for the tip on BIOS change. I did so and have had no problems. It was easy to switch from my 560Ti to Intel's onboard.
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