Corsair VS650 VS SS 430W


I want to know which is better?
The difference is 16$.

My PC:
i5 3470
HD 7850 1GB
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  1. It would help if you provided a little more information.

    You are comparing the Corsair VS650 and CX430? (title says SS). Which is cheaper? Links would be useful.

    It'd also be useful if you said where you live. You mention $ (usually means you are in the US) but the VS series is 240V supply only which means I doubt they sell them in the states. Australia?

    Do you intend to add additional graphics cards?

    If I'm correct about the two models you are comparing, then there's a few general things-

    The VX series is the most basic Corsair do, it's 240V only (which presumably reduces costs). It also has no efficiency certification, which isn't good.
    The CX is a more multi-purpose series. The current generation are all 80Plus Bronze certified, which is good for both efficiency and underlining the reasonable quality of components.
    Both series are made for Corsair by CWT.
  2. Maybe the title is really Corsair VS650 versus Seasonic 430W (SS-430GB).
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