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hello i have a issue with my gpu heating up my 920 radiator its less than a inch away from it and when im gaming my 7870 hawk heats up to the 60c's which then heats up the radiator into the mid 40c's now i have a top 1400mm/1200mm fan spot on top of my case was wondering will i be able too put the 920 up there? will the pump have issues pumping liquid and air bubble related problems the only reason is im getting annoyed because its ramping my fans up and im sure ppl know how the stock fans are LOUD!!! when hitting 2000rpm :pt1cable: so yeh any info would be appreciated ty! :)
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  1. Are you sure the cpu is not just heating up when in use 40c is not that hot
  2. yeh im sure i did intels cpu stress test for 45min and didnt even reach into the 40's plus when i windows out of a game checking this page the gpu drops down then the radiator drops down aswell but cpu still running the game in background??? so i dare say it would be the gpu heating it up then? yeh my cpu isnt at 40c the liquid inside my rad is getting upto 43-44c which makes my cpu temp around 55c while gaming which makes my fans ramp up loud
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