MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition OC vs. GTX 670 Power edition OC

Which one is better? Which one is more worth it in terms of performance? comparisons? GO!
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  1. The 670 will be faster in terms of pure performance but, 660 Ti will be better in terms of price to performance. The 660 Ti is just about 15% slower than the 670, but cost 25% ($100) less than the 670. The 660 Ti is a great $300 card which performs around a 7870 and can sometimes catch up with the higher end 7950. But whatever you choose from these two cards, you shouldn't get the wrong choice. You choose what you get :). I personally recommend getting the 660 Ti :).
  2. I love my 660Ti. I now can play Ultra with 60fps in BF3.
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