Throttle issue

I have bought a new notebook samsung np550 s02. I have been facing a throttle issue while gaming. The FPs suddenly drops drastically. I am having no clue for the reason of this issue although i have 2gb nvidia gt650 m , 8gb ram and i7 processor! please help!
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  1. Check temperatures of both CPU and GPU when it starts lagging. I'd suggest using HWMonitor for that. You can download it from
  2. have seen, its around 90c ! Is this a permanent issue.. or a driver update may fix this!?
  3. 90°C for CPU or GPU? Is it during gaming? Or while on desktop?

    Driver update will not fix it, but there are other ways. How old is the laptop?
  4. its brand new (1 week old).. 80c to 90c while gaming !
  5. I'd call the warranty and ask them to fix it.
  6. ok. thanx mate!
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