Sapphire HD7770 GHZ Overclocked Edition (1150Mhz) vs Asus gtx 550ti

I was wondering which GPU would be better for gaming as im building a new PC:

Asus Gtx 550ti


Sapphire HD7770 GHZ Overclocked Edition (1150Mhz)

My PC specs are:
Motherboard: ASUS P8B75-M
CPU: Intel i5 3570
RAM: (4gb x2) Consair vengenace
PSU: Thermaltake Litepower 500w
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  1. HD 7770 is significantly faster than GTX 550 Ti.
  2. 7770.
  3. So its worth getting the 7770 for the performance, even though it doesn't have physx and CUDA
  4. For games the 7770 hands down. the 550Ti does not have the power to run games with PhysX properly on its own.

    Mactronix :)
  5. Thanks guys for the fast feedback, i will be getting the 7770 as it does look like the best choice thanks
  6. Glad we helped ;).
  7. I haz a question!
    I got Sapphire 7770 Vapor X, and would like to get a 550Ti for PhysX especially.
    How would that perform.
    I'd really like to play some games with PhysX.
    Or just *** PhysX and get a 2nd 7770 to crossfire.
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