Want to upgrade my system

hello, im looking for upgrade my system and my budget is about 350$.

my curret system:
asus p5k epu
4gb ram
Thermaltake 500w

my friend gave me an upgrade option and i want to ask if you think im going to feal a big improvment with this upgrade or if you can offer me a better one.

[ im looking to upgrade my motherboard, cpu and memory only.]

this is what my friend gave me :
Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 3470 Socket 1155 6MB 3.2Ghz Tray

MSI H77MA-G43 Sata3/Usb3 VGA/DVI

Kingston HyperX BLU 1600Mhz 4GB

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  1. Get the i5 3450 instead. (you wont notice a difference.)
    And the Asrock H77M or Pro4/MVP.
    Lastly, that RAM will void your warranty because of high voltage. You want the Corsair Vengenace or G.Skill Ares sticks.
  2. the asrok motherboard are realy needed? becuase the store im buying from dont sell these motherboards.
  3. Well, its a bigger motherboard but if its not available check out the Asus P8H77 series and find a mobo which suits your needs. I know little about the P8H77 series, sorry.
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