High idle temps on i5 in mini itx

I've just finished putting together a master cool elite 120 case with an i5 3570k. When first turned on, idle temps spiked into the 60's. I opened the case up and found that one corner of my CPU fan wasn't secured enough. I fixed that and tidy up some wires to find that idle temps dropped 8-9 degrees to 51-52. When I run the system with the case open, I get temps in the high 40's.

I have changed the direction of the PSU intake fan to face the CPU instead of away from it, and found that it changes nothing. Besides that fan, every other fan (2) pushes air into the system.

I am beginning to think I may have to reapply the CPU heatsink, or would higher temps be indicative of an improper heatsink connection? Should I try pointing the side fan to blow out of the system? Thanks
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  1. It sounds like 1) you need to do a better job of installing the heat sync/fan or 2) there isn't enough air flow through the case. I had that case with a A10-5800K build and temps were always higher than normal. Not a good design. Heat is trapped under the PSU. The small exhaust fan that comes with the case doesn't do the job. I had to add a 2nd 120mm fan on the back side of the drive cage.
  2. download temp sensor
    run it
    then upload an image
  3. Another point I forgot to add above...
    With your PSU fan facing down and being so close to the i5's cooler, they are competing for the same air. Since to PSU fan moves more air than the cooler's fan, I found (on mine anyway) that facing down actually impeded the CPU's cooling. Do you have a large gfx card in the system as well?
  4. I have since flipped the psu back up again, temps got better. I have an hd7850, its pretty big, has dual fans attached to it
  5. Yeah, unfortunately that case isn't well designed for a high powered gaming rig. With the gfx card, processor, PSU, HDD(s), optical drive all crammed in that small space... there just isn't enough heat removal capacity. If you can squeeze a 2nd 120mm fan on the back side of the drive cage blowing unto the MB, you might be able to lower your CPU temps a bit. There are mtg holes on the cage for the 2nd fan.
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