Are my case fans too primitive for my motherboard?

This is my first build (EVER) as well as my very first blog post, so please let me know if I don't explain something well enough.

I have an Antec Nine Hundred Two gaming case ( which has 4 case fans:
1 x 120mm blue LED 3-speed exhaust rear fan (external, 3-way switch: low/med/high)
2 x 120mm blue LED 3-speed intake front fan (external, adjustable knob)
1 x 200mm blue LED 3-speed exhaust top fan (external, 3-way switch: low/med/high)

I have an Asus V Extreme motherboard ( with 8 motherboard headers for fans.

I know my motherboard is sophisticated enough to increase fan speeds automatically as the temperature inside the case rises. That being said, all of my fans have molex connectors; which means if I plug everything up the way it is now, the fans won't be connected to the motherboard at all, ergo everything will have to be set manually. I found some adapters to connect a molex to a motherboard fan header, but they were all for 3 pin headers (but my motherboard has 4 pin headers).

I've done some research, and I've come to conclusion that because my fans only have two wires, no adapter will allow me to hook them directly up to the motherboard and allow automatic speed regulation. However, two of them DO have the addition of a third wire (the external, 3-way switch: low/med/high). Even though it's separate from the first two, I'm curious to know if this changes anything.

I'm just looking for confirmation that what I've discovered is correct:
Given my current case fans, I'm S.O.L. and cannot automatically regulate the speed of my current case fans via the motherboard/BIOS. If so, will using a fan controller fix this? ...or will I just have to get new fans?

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    Don't make things more complicated than it needs to be.

    You have a fine case with fans that have speed control switches. Just go ahead and connect them to the psu via molex connectors.

    On low, your fans will provide plenty of airflow.

    I find I much prefer to have a steady fan sound than a constantly increasing/decreasing noise.

    At the very least, try out the stock fans first.

    If you insist on being able to control the fan speeds with the motherboard, you will need to change out the fans to one with speed sensors and 3 pin motherboard connectors.
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