Advice/Guidance Welcomed.

Hi all, I'm new to the site and also new to DIY pc's.
I was looking into building a budget gaming pc myself and had a snoop around at what parts are needed and such. The pc would be used just for gaming and surfing the web.
Basically i ended up with this as my to buy list.

CPU - Intel i5-3330
Have found this at around £130

Motherboard - Intel DH67BL
Priced at around £75

RAM - Corsair Vengeance 16GB Kit
Priced at around £60

GPU - Radeon HD 7750
Priced at £80

Hard-drive - WD Blue 1 TB SATA-600
Priced at no more than £60

I am missing a Case, PSU and Optical drive and that is really why I'm here. :D
I need help in finding suitable parts that i haven't found and also to make sure my selected parts will in fact work alongside each other :na:

I won't need a monitor as I recently bought a Samsung Smart TV so the pc will be hooked up to that. Any advice on stuff like keyboard and mouse would also be great.

So thanks guys and any help would be massively appreciated.

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  1. I would require a budget to work with please. :)
  2. Drop RAM down to 8GB first off and give us more information on your budget
  3. Preferably £400 and yeah i figured 16gb would be too much. :)
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