GTS250 Palit 1gb E-Green

Hey folks! I've had a problem for a few months, I was on and off holidays, so I didn't need my pc that much.

I will try to keep this short as I am totally confused, so are my friends.

Basically I went to upgrade my gfx card in order to run a new game (CS:GO).

Bought a PALIT nvidia GTS 250 1gb E-Green edition.

PC: E6600 Intel duo, 4gb of ram. I ve got a Corsair CX430 PSU, and a brand new W650 because I thought its the Watt problem....

Mboard: asus p5g41t-m lx (

Now i tried switching on/off the onboard graphic card and it didn't help. Also while running the setup disk, It would say no suitable driver.. When I put a simple old-fashioned card it runs straight away, now with GTS250 I don't get no response.

Please need help!.

thanks for your time

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  1. Plugged in the power cables ?

    What card did you use before ?

    Can you try the 250 in an other pc ?
  2. Maybe reset the CMOS by taking out the watch like battery on your motherboard. Also, did you plug in the power cord to your graphics card?
  3. Hey guys thanks for replies! Sorry for taking this long, but I've tried everything I could find on these forums (google too), and I came with the answer that my mobo is just so random, so it's literally like a lottery when buying a gpu that would work. So basically I am tired of this game, as I have no other answer for why it's not working, I am gonna have to buy a new card, which hopefully works well.

    On this forum I found few cards, and one of those that dropped into my eye was HD 5550 512-1gb DDR3. Now you could get one under $50-60. Any other suggestions? It has to be a one slotted card I believe and my interface is pci-e x16.... Basically just want to run this game: >

    my budget is about $70.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Deemo13 said:
    Maybe reset the CMOS by taking out the watch like battery on your motherboard. Also, did you plug in the power cord to your graphics card?

    Yes even two cords for such low-consumption card.... as I mentioned is a interface problem im having. :sarcastic:
  5. bump! still need help ladies & gents x
  6. bump! still need help ladies & gents x
  7. I apologize if I had broken any rules, by bumping this thread (:D), then let me reconstruct a different question. Does it really matters if the GFX is 2.0, 2.1 PCI-E, PCI, X16 and etc. Because obviously my mobo is not new, but I really struggling to understand, what kind of card I could be looking at. As said above, HD 5550 has been previously put in the same mobo, and it worked.. Please guys I need help asap xx
  8. What is your exact problem?

    Did you connect the monitor to the motherboard or the graphics card?
  9. Sunius said:

    Thanks for a fast reply, one moment I thought I was talking to myself. Any suggestions on graphics cards that give me decent FPS at Counter Strike:Global Offensive? I dont need high details and all of that.
  10. To be perfectly honest, that GTS 250 should do the trick. I suppose you no longer want to solve the issue? Personally, I'd try to solve it first.
  11. I've literally tried everything to run this card mate. I wanted to put it up together with some fireworks LOL. I have no idea why it's not working, but ain't gonna pay up 40 quid just to check it at local pcrepair... =-))) nobody could give me a reason, why this is not working, I've googled,used other forums and etc. I need help, cuz I can't do anything with this pc, usual websites are boring, and free time is spent on looking new songs on youtube...
  12. Okay, could you list everything you did? That way I could say whether you missed something!
  13. Alright, well I've put it (obv systemoff,wires off), just like any other card, power the system, no screen (black screen, absolutely nothing happens). Thought I would chance something at bios, went to switch off the onboard, even though it switches off itself. Didn't work, put it on onboard graphics, and opened a geforce panel and it says no suitable driver found, no chipset detected or whatsoever. I reset my bios right after. Put an old gf 6600GT, works just fine, even if its 7 years old.

    I didn't have a chance to put the card into other machine ;/ which would lower percentage of posibilites whats could be wrong.. I even attached two power cords into the 6-pin connection holes, no bang still (gfx fan is running all the time).

    I am really confused, and pissed off at the same time, as I got this card and it just lays down in a cupboard + wasted money.

    btw thanks for trying to help;)
  14. It seems like the card is dead. Did you buy it used?
  15. Yeah I did, although it looks good from outside :D :D . You are probably right mate, but the seller seem to be a decent enough seller, with 100% positive feedback, he even communicated right away that it's in the post and etc.. LOL I got ripped then. Anyway could you please lead me then what should I get under $70-80 up to 100 maybe. After the article I could see I should be aiming at 5-6 series if HD, but preferable NVIDIA right?

    Still confused what could I used (obv after i bought this and it doesnt work).$ja=cid:234787|cgid:4891609|tsid:35745|cgn:Criteo_tracker|kw:Tracking%20Pixel

    Just few, im not sure about performances, but I am not looking for anything spectacular, just run CS:GO and few other old strategy games ;)

    ps if you could just give me a little advise on towards what should I get that really works, and Im off

  16. You should aim for GT 640. If you cannot afford it, GTS 450/GT 440 will do as well.
  17. Thank you for your help and patience.
  18. Sunius said:
    You should aim for GT 640. If you cannot afford it, GTS 450/GT 440 will do as well.

    this for instance would work just fine right?
  19. Yes, it would work just fine!
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