How do I make my Belkin router into a Wireless reciever?

I have a Belkin f5d7234-4 lying around at home. I also have a Panasonic TV which requires a proprietary wifi donge to get a wireless signal, so my question is, can I use the router to recieve my house Wifi (broadcast by my new NetGear Router) and send it out through its Ethernet port to the TV?

I checked, the router doesn't have ddwrt support, I'm new to hacking around with routers and networks, so I don't know how to do this, I see how it is logically possible, but if it can be done is the question, anyone have any Ideas? Thanks!
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  1. Unless the router either supports client bridging natively, or supports third party firmware (e.g., dd-wrt, tomato, openwrt), there's no hope.
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