Should I wait or upgrade system now? Opinions?

Hi Guys,

So about this time last year i built my first pc... It has done me brilliantly and is still going strong but im in two minds as to what to do now, just so you know here is my curret spec..

MB: P8Z68-V Pro
CPU: i7 2600K (Contstant oc @ 4.2, can hit 4.8 if ever needed)
GPU: GTX 580

This fits ncely together in my CM Storm Enforcer with a ridiculous 950W Corsair PSU so im more than covered if i choose to upgrade.

When i built this i had no experience and basicaly put togther the newest and best possible combination of parts based on what i read on this website through forums and reviews, and now a year later i am once again completely out of touch with the newest and best of everything, at least now i know i can actually build them!

At the moment there isnt anything i have a problem with, all my games run perfectly at max setting etc. on a 1920x1080 monitor and i even use CAD on it for work when i cant get to the office, but is it worth thinking about upgrading anything?

I was planning on waiting for the next series in either CPU or GPU to be released, then start looking into a completely new system with hopefully a GTX 780 and the best affordable CPU at the time? Does this sound like a good idea or should i look into upgrading my current system as far as i can before upgrading to a whole new build?

Im just after a bit of a debate really to catch me up on the latest parts and when we should be expecting new series of cards etc? And while we are at it, WINDOWS 8!? should i make the switch or stick with trusty 7?

Cheers guys!
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  1. Your build is still great. Not worth upgrading anything yet.

    I suggest you wait for the next line of cards and CPUs.
    Those would be Intel Haswell, Nvidia GTX 7xx, and AMD Radeon HD 8xxx.

    Stick to Windows 7. 8 has gotten nothing but hate so far, and it's considered to be the next Vista.
  2. Oh god... Windows 8... Stay away.
  3. Oh thats good im was under the same impression but not knowing anything i didnt want to assume, and yeah, I think i will stay away from 8 then! Having an OEM version of win7 i take it i will need a new copy if i go for a completely new machine?
  4. Normally, yes.
    Though I remember someone claim that he's been using the same OEM Win7 on 4 different motherboards now.
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