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I'm looking for a new case that will be A.) bigger than my current case (dell xps 7100 oem case) and B.) have better cooling and be quieter. I'd like to spend as little as possible since I'm a poor high school student, ha. I was looking at the Fractal Design R4 but its pretty expensive. I'm hoping that there's something in the $50 range that would be good.

I'm going to be using a couple hard drives (probably a raid setup in the future, and a couple seperate for scratch disks and media disks etc for video editing), so It'll need some space for that. My cpu will probably be upgraded to a fx 8320 or whatever the next fx 8 core will be, but currently is a Phenom ii x4 830. My gpu is a single gtx 660 ti, but I'd like to have room to upgrade to an SLI setup.
I'm also thinking about doing water cooling in the future, so it'd be nice if it was big enough to fit something like a h80 or h100 or whatever (Not sure at all which one would be good for me, I'm just starting to think about the idea).

Oh, and another thing I'd like is for it not to be the most flashy, weird looking LEDs everywhere kind of case. I'd just like it to be plain looking, with good cooling and be moderately quiet.

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  1. Any case that you can find will be the best for you. Coolness and how noisy your system depends on your fans and stuff not your case (but there are some case that can minimize that). Just find a decent case and upgrade your fans to low noise ones.

    You could just be creative and make a ghetto noise dampening stuff in there
  2. do you know of any good low noise fans? The ones i have are terribly loud (i can hear them through my headphones when gaming lol)
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