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A little hardware help with a HP laptop

Well it's an HP Pavilion DV6, Windows 7, 4 GB of R.A.M, finger print scanner, the "works" anyway.
So... here's the thing, it used to overheat a lot, then one day, it just stopped coming on (for the record it isn't mine - belongs to a friend) So I said I'd take a look at it, I finally got around to it, I plugged it in, and the light by the plug socket (it's orange or white) that was flashing orange, not sure why, and when I pressed the power button, nothing would happen.

So... opened it, it was in bad shape, like, the case was cracked, the monitor thingy was coming off. I said fine, I've seen PC's in worst shape, and they were running. I dig deeper, clean out all of the dust, took like five hours messing with the damn thing, cleaning, and putting it back together, it was probably the worst dust build up I have ever seen in my life! Like I was able to grab the dust... and break it, I swore it was a sponge or something at first, but it was literally just dust!

Anyway, so I cleaned that out, wiped the fan, assembled everything back and hooked it back up (lord knows I prefer desktops, with all my heart!) I plug back in the power cord, and instead of the flashing orange, it stays constant white, "good sign." I think so. I hit the power button, and nothing... :(

The owner said they don't expect it to get fixed, but... I mean... is there no hope for the old thing?
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  1. connect an external monitor to it

    does it display then?
  2. Try booting up with the battery removed and the ac power brick connected.

    Try a hard reset:
    Remove the battery and unplug the DC power adapter.
    press and hold the power button for more than fifteen seconds.
    plug in the DC power adapter (leave the battery out for now)
    press the power button
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    The Flashing Amber light Indicates : The battery has reached a low battery level, or there is a battery error. When a battery reaches a critical battery level, the battery
    light begins blinking rapidly.

    I believe you should leave it to charge overnight if possible and the try again. if you have a spare battery, you should try that.
  4. Yea... I think the laptop is pretty much shot. Sorry for the late reply. But, when I plug it in, the light stays white now. But, the damn thing. When I hit the power button, nothing happens, no fans whir, no clicks, nothing. It's as if it's dead... So.. I'm going to make an attempt to close this thread, but thank you everyone :)
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