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Currently I have a desktop pc but its quite low end one so I want to assemble a new one... My question is which graphic card, processor, motherboard and everything else do I need, so that I can built a good gaming computer, my gaming needs are at least I can play latest games at high settings without any lags what so ever(future proof gaming).. And Can I use anything component or anything from my old PC? guys need suggestions soon... old PC specifications are
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  1. What is your budget for your new build and are you looking to get a pre-built one, build a new system, or just replace some parts on your current PC?

    Your current PC also uses integrated graphics which would hinder your gaming performance quite a bit. Even though your CPU is a few generations behind, it should suffice for now, but an upgrade never hurt (Except the wallet). Another alternative would be to sell this system, and use that money to a whole new one (which I would do).
  2. Thanks bro for the advice, I would the sell the whole system then, but what about the new PC I should assemble, My budget would be around 1000$ to 1500$ or somewhat more if needed but I want a future proof gaming PC for at least few years....
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    You should be able to add a new GTX 670 to your current system with no problem and run games on ultra, though you'd also need to upgrade your power supply to something around 500W. Depending on how the case is arranged, it may even force you into purchasing a new case as well.

    EVGA GTX 670 ($350)
    Corsair Builder CX500 Power Supply ($50)
    HAF 912 Mid-tower case ($60)

    That cost would be around $460 to swap out case, power, and add video. This would allow you to reuse your other components and be the most cost-effective with a single-GPU system. If everything will fit in your current case, you will save an additional $60 bringing the total to $400.

    If you really want to upgrade the entire system, you can re-use your disks (HDD and optical) and RAM. You need to get a case, processor, motherboard, and PSU.

    i5-3570 or i5-3570k ($230)
    H80 CPU Cooler ($114)
    Asus Z77 Pro Motherboard ($200)
    EVGA GTX 670 ($350)
    Corsair HX750 Power Supply ($140)
    HAF 912 Mid-tower case ($60)

    You can use your RAM and disks, though costs will come to $1094 before taxes to upgrade the whole system to a non-laggy game system that can play the latest titles on ultra on a single monitor. The PSU I chose under this option (HX750) will also let you run two video cards in SLI at some point.
  4. ^what this person said. But definitely if you are planning on building a PC with that kind of budget to last for years, might as well build it from the ground up. there are salvageable parts from your old PC, but if you plan to sell it as a whole, you obviously won't be able to sell the HDD or memory to someone who wants it pre-built and working already (also, make sure to completely wipe the HDD before you sell it!). If you do plan to just replace the GPU/PSU, do make sure it will fit in the case, I remember when i tested a pre built Dell and added a HD4850, it barely fit.

    There are sights to get good deals like these forums, slickdeals, etc. that you can camp out and get good deals on multiple parts. The i5-3570K is more than enough for gaming purposes, but you can go with an i7 if you want to go all out, but of course, not needed. The extra $$$ for a CPU cooler is your choice as well, if you plan to OC a lot, get the H80 or any efficient cooler. Otherwise, something like the Hyper 212+ Evo will be sufficient for a small OC or stock cooler that is pretty quiet.

    Don't forget about the OS, Monitor, and other peripherals and factor that into your budget if you need them or not.

    Just for reference, I've had my setup for about 3+ years, and I am still able to run most games on ultra/very high settings with no FPS drops (with the exception of a few games), and my CPU/GPU is a couple generations old as well.
  5. drg889 said:
    ...Just for reference, I've had my setup for about 3+ years, and I am still able to run most games on ultra/very high settings with no FPS drops (with the exception of a few games), and my CPU/GPU is a couple generations old as well.

    X58 is a solid platform. Still a great platform for today's video cards. I have an i7-930 system I currently use as a DAW. I'm thinking of dropping a 670 into that system.
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