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What is "ARM"?

I've heard about something like this before but I noticed it in CodeBlocks and I was wondering what it was. So I'm assuming it's a platform? But I've heard about it being a chip (assuming it's not the salty kind)? So what is it exactly?
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  1. I find it amusing that Tomshardware Addict doesn't know what the ARM is.
    And it is one of the alternative architectures to x86. Here is a good read:
  2. So it's pretty much a CPU with an architecture that requires less transistors? So a ARM program can only be ran on a ARM CPU?
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    It doesn't necessarily require less transistors, that's just how they have been designed so far.

    It's just another architecture. And yes, programs have to be compiled to run on a specific architecture or they send commands to the processor that it will not understand.
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