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Hey guys, I'm getting unstable wifi connection for my desktop pc. The highest it would go is 3 bars on windows 7, and sometimes the strength drop and sometimes it would not be able to detect the signal and reconnect again.

At first I use D-link DWA-110 usb wireless adapter, thought it was the culprit and changed to TPlink WN350GD wireless pci. Still getting the same result.

I'm getting full signal on my laptop, and half signal strength on my phone. The router is less than 6 meters (19ft) away, one floor below, blocked by room wall.

I did:
- driver update
- windows update
- motherboard update
- adjusting the antenna
- changing the pci slot
- changing the channel on router
- placed my laptop at the same location as my pc, laptop still getting full signal

Still getting the same issue. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
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  1. Well you seem to have covered all the possible causes. I hate to suggest you spend more dough, but a wireless repeater/range extender may solve the problem:

    I hear you saying "but my laptop signal is fine without a range extender". Fair comment, but it may have a much better wireless device.
  2. The laptop has a much better antenna.
  3. Will high gain antenna do any good replacing my current pci card antenna? Cant really make changes to the network hardware considering its not mine, just have the password to manage it.
  4. It should help, but it still won't make it as good as the best card that you could buy.
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