Should I Upgrade to i5-3570k?

Currently I have an AMD Phenom II X4 925 (OCed to 3.5 ghz), but I was wondering if it was time to upgrade to an i5-3570k CPU along with the ASRock Extreme4 Z77 mobo? Future games that I want to play on PC are the new Sim City, SC2: HOTS, and Tomb Raider. I'm thinking Sim City and SC2 will be quite CPU intensive and not sure if my aging Phenom II will be sufficient to run these on max settings. I don't mind waiting for the new 1150 socket motherboards and Intel Haswell chips if that's the better option. Thanks!

Full PC spec below:

Phenom II X4 OCed to 3.5 ghz
Crossfire 6850 GPUs
8 gb ram
SanDisk Extreme 240 gb SSD
Corsair 750w PSU
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  1. waiting for haswell seems like a good idea, i see no reason for you to upgrade now, and I'm not too sure it would be worth it
  2. Will your current motherboard take AMD FX chips? If so, I'd get an 8320/8350. A whole platform change can be very expensive as is rarely worth it unless you've run out of options.
  3. Unfortunately my current motherboard is AM3 and does not support AM3+. I heard Haswell is supposed to come out in June?
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    If you need the performance now and you're experiencing bottlenecks, then do it. It will prove to be a great upgrade compared to your current.

    If you're okay with the performance you have now, and it suffice your needs, then wait. There is no reason upgrading what is already sufficient.
  5. i5 3570k is open for oc and a beast in games its a very good choice man!
    dont wait for hasswell man thats technology new things coming out every while!think about now! :D
  6. Thanks everyone...I think I'll wait and see benchmarks from the upcoming games and decide if I need to upgrade now.
  7. wait for at least Haswell as you still have a decent computer for now...
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