What kind of monitor do I need?

I've just got a new computer and was wondering how I should connect it to a new monitor...
My System: Asus P8H61, i3-2120 @3.3GHz, Radeon 7770, 8GB Ram, 500GB Hard Drive and 600W power supply.

Now I heard LED 1080p back light monitors are the best is this true? How would I connect this to my PC?
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  1. LED monitor connects like any other. DVI, VGA or HDMI. LED use less power.
  2. dvi is the most ideal solution

    you should get an ips 1080p led panel
  3. i suggest viewsonic
    its a nice led at 1080p picture
  4. if you intend to use your monitor to view hdcp(high-bandwidth digital content protection)
    1080p content(like blu-ray) then the use of dvi, hdmi or display port is required. the 15 pin
    d-sub vga connector does not support this. Also if this is an issue for you make sure that
    the monitor itself that you pick supports hdcp besides just having the right connectors.
    some displays have the connector but lack the proper support to display hdcp content.
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