How to control the lights on my custom build

i have built a custom desk top and i was wondering if there is any way to control the fan lights on them, mostly because i want to save a bit on my power bill
here is the specs
asus m5a97 evo motherboard
amd phenom II 1090T
amd radeon HD 6450
coolermaster 912 haf
coolermaster V6
coolermaster 700 watt psu
asus pce-n15 wifi card
1.25 tb hdds
and thatys about it except for a disk drive and a card reader,
also since im on the topic for some reason when ever i try to use my card reader half of the time it doesnt work, and when i go into device manager it says the drivers were not installed, this is a plug in play card reader and does not have any install disks so can any body suggest anything, i have tryed multiple times to uninstall and reinstall the drivers but it does not work
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    The fan lights are LEDs and don't an measurable amount to you power bill. Concerning you card reader, fist check the cabling or use a different usb port.
  2. i had checked the wires they are fine and i have tryed another usb 2.0 port on my motherboard but i still get the same problem in device manager, i had also tryed to uninstall and reinstall the drivers through device manager and still no good
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