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Hey Everyone!

I'm haveing a problem with my PPPOE connection. It drops usually after i connect 2-3hours. Windows doesn't sees, that the connection was last, so it shows me, that my pppoe connection is connected. I stay logged in in the BRAS, but there is no traffic. So if i disconnect in windows, i cannot reconnect with 691 error code, before BRAS drops my connection due to no traffic.
Sometimes the connection comes back in 5-10 minutes, as nothing happened. There is no unusual use of the internet, just browsing, i've tried with may computers, and with my router, i've updated every driver, but still no change. I've had my cable checked, and my modem was changed for a new one.
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  1. Usually servers that are dialed onto have a set of timing when the system will automatically disconnect the user if he is logged on for more than the given frame of time. This is a security measure from bots and hackers.
    The option you have is to either keep checking every now and then if the connection is dropped or write a script for auto connect when ever the connection is dropped or then fool around with the PPoE settings to check if they have these options.
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