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CPU Motherboard Combo

Hi guys this is my first post here and i hope i get some usefull asnwers!
I'm pretty new to the whole gaming thing and im looking for a good CPU and Motherboard combo to upgrade my current one!
My current one is Intel Core i5-750 @2.67Ghz and my motherboard is unknown LOL!
Im looking for either a good AMD setup or a good Intel Setup!

I currently also have a MSI GTX 670 OC Power Edition Card that uses a PCIe 3.0!

My budget is pretty low so anything within R4000 (approximately $350)

Please some feedback would be appreciated

Thank You!
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  1. - $229.99 Intel Core i5 3570k - $129.99 MSI Z77A-G45

    These are the best for your needs. They aren't a direct combo but all your gonna do is get junk if you buy a combo. Why do you think they are selling a combo in the first place?

    You might want to invest in a good cooler like a Hyper 212+ or a Hyper 212 EVO.
  2. Thank you very much!
    One question tho!
    Whats the difference bewtween the i5-3570k and the i7-3770k except for the price ?
    I am also looking for a PSU of about $100 any suggestions?
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    Other then the price and the fact it's 100MHz faster (it it's a K edition you can simply change the speed to that on a 3570k) the 3770k has Hyperthreading which simply speeds up maybe 4%-10% in programs like Cinema 4D that use more then 4 cores. It basically simulates 8 cores except every 2 cores run on 1 core. Simply not worth the price IMO. As far as PSUs go, first I would like to point out that you should NEVER use "out of brand" PSUs as they can ruin your system, like overvolting parts of your computer and destroys them (the saying is, if it's less than $40, don't put 120 volts into it, ok I lied, it's not a saying, but still don't do it). Second I would recommend this PSU.
  4. Thank you very much for all the help!
    This helped me make my decision !
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