Buying Windows 7 for a new PC build

I was just about to pull the trigger on my Windows 7 order from Amazon ($100) and this caught my eye.

Apparently the version of windows I am purchasing is a system builder pack. I'm now worried that means I can only install it on one PC. If a component fails or I modify hardware on that PC, say upgrade to an SSD, I won't be able to reinstall Win 7 on the new hardware.

Is this correct?

How much do I need to spend on a version of Win 7 that I can install when I upgrade the hardware on my home built PC?

I saw some version of Windows for $350!!!! I can't believe others fork over that much for an OS. What do other build-it-yourselfers buy?

Thanks all and big middle finger to Microsoft.
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  1. Middle finger to Microsoft:
  2. I'm assuming you mean the OEM version?
    You can reinstall it as much as you want, as long as you are using the same motherboard where you first installed it.
  3. I have Windows 7 x64 OEM and have replaced a lot of parts in my PC and have not had any problems at with activating Windows 7. I have added hard drives a SSD drive replaced my CPU from a AMD Phenom II 1090t to a AMD FX-8120. Really the only thing I have not replaced yet is the mainboard. I had to call the activation in once and then it only took maybe 5 minutes to get it done. I have replaced motherboard on some friends PC and even then all I had to do was call the activation in. Told the person on the phone I had to replace the motherboard and she gave me the response code to re activate the OS it was really simple. Oh and it was not the same make/model motherboard as it was no longer available.

    But if you really what to give a big middle finger to Microsoft then put a free version of Linux on your system and be happy!
  4. If Ubuntu worked well with my laptop's switchable graphics then I would go that route. Sadly, the functionality is meager at best and nonexistent at worst.
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