New graphics card or mobo and processor as well

Trying to help my brother in law upgrade his pc.

He has:

Power Supply- NZXT pp-800
Mobo- P5N-E SLI
Graphics Card- Geforce 8800 GT
Processor- Core 2 Duo E6850

I was thinking about just upgrading his graphics card to a GTX 560 Ti because he'd have the ability to get another one in the future if needed. Though I'm not sure if his processor will hold that back. Also not looking to spend all that much.

Would just upgrading to the 560 Ti be enough, or will we need to do more?

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  1. 7gb
  2. Be enough for what ?

    Gaming, photo editing, office work ?

    What resolution do you use, do you want to play at ultra settings ? The latest games or only older ?
  3. Ha, sorry, knowing what it's for would be good. It will be for gaming and doesn't need to be cutting edge and ultra high. Resolution would be 1280x1024 I think.
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    Well, the processor will be holding things back a bit, specially with newer games.

    Without changing the processor a hd 6850, 6870 or a gtx 460/560 will do nice, if your planning on upgrading further in the future a 560ti/660ti would be great. ( or the AMD counterparts )

    Two gpu's with this processor is useless i think, the processor will be a bottleneck.
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  6. Thanks!
  7. :) welcome
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