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hi i want to build a new computer but im not sure if i choose the wrong parts or if they are over priced here ther are:
cpu cooler:
extra fans:

i want the option to upgrade my cpu to an i5 later on maby 1 or 2 years. i dont know what mobo to choose because the i3-2100 works with the h61 mobo but i dont know what mobo works with the i3-3220 i also dont want to sli but i want an overclockable gpu and ram im not sure about the powersupply because its a bit pricey i want everything to have a red and black color scheme. also i want a fast ssd with 60+ gigs on it but for a cheap price. please help any advice would be very appreciated. thanks
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  1. Why don't you just fill out this form and let us build you a PC instead?
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