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So I have this desktop ( ). It has no graphics card so I'm planning to upgrade. But said in here, it has only PCI-E X1 slot. Which means this rig is not gpu upgradable? :( please please help me. I am planning to put Radeon HD 5570 1GB DDR3 here. :(((
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  1. Afraid not. ( still looking but it seems that way )
    And the 250 W power supply is not enough anyway.
  2. I'm willing to upgrade my psu. :( I can't believe that this rig is not upgradable. There should be someway :(((( FML
  3. Euh, the big yellow one that is, the one with pci-e x 16 :whistle:
  4. I will update you asap. Thanks for helping me. :(
  5. Ok, till later.
  6. Hey Rob, does this info helps? and . Btw I have G41 Chipset, does that mean its my motherboard? Im really sorry. Im so new at this so please forgive me.

    So imma sleep now and the first thing I'm gonna do tom is check this rig and pray that x16 slot exists :(
  7. I don't think that info says much.

    Only way to be sure is to have a look.

    I'll help you praying :ange:
  8. Here are the pictures of my rig. Oh god I hope I have x16 pin or I hope its compatible with Radeon HD 5570

  9. Wow, you do have a PCI-E X16, which means you are in luck. You will be able to upgrade that power supply and get a new graphics card then! What's your budget friend?

    EDIT: I intended to make this post a bit longer. A good PSU is going to set you back $45-$60 depending on your budget and the card you pick.
  10. REALLY?! JESUS IM SO HAPPY! I'm just planning to put Radeon HD 5570 1GB DDR3. My budget is about 60$ for both psu and graphics. I read in the internet that HD 5570 uses low watts therefore its not that demanding. So maybe I don't need branded psu?
  11. Rejoice, rejoice, hallelujah. :lol:

    Yep, that's an pci-e slot. It would have been a stupid mobo if it hadn't had one.

    Now about that 5570 and psu ; you won't be able to get them both for 60 i think. But in spite of what i said earlier ( stupid me ) i think it will run on your 250W psu.

    The 7750 would be a lot better and also possible on that psu but it's a bit more than 60 $.

    If you wanne buy a new psu go for a good brand like Corsair, Antec, XFX, Seasonic. They cost around 50-60$.
  12. And clean that dust out of your pc. :non: :D
  13. So its a x16 PCI Express? :DDDD
  14. Yah. :bounce:
    I saw a 1920 with a pci-e slot in the specs, only the "SGH08.001" was different. You might have that model.
  15. Thank you very much sir! Will post the here again when HD 5570 works :D
  16. Or when it doesn't . . . :heink: :lol: It would be nice to know if it works.

    Good luck.
  17. Btw, is there anyway that you can monitor the wattage that your pc uses? and is 250watts + HD 5570 1GB DDR3 sufficient for games like dota 2, heroes of newerth. etc and some online games?
  18. You can calculate it with a program. Only can't remember how it's called . . . I'll try to find it.
  19. Okay so here's my specs:

    So first of all, I want to ask if Acer provides generic / branded power supply.

    I'm planning to buy HD 5570 DDR3 1GB, play games like cod:mw3, heroes of newerth, dota 2, LoL. So do I need to upgrade my power supply?

    If yes, sadly I'm low on budget ( Student ) so I think I can only afford generic power supplies.

    I heard that HD 5570 is not that demanding/hungry so will it be okay with, lets say 600w generic psu?

    Btw I'm from Philippines and forgive me for my english.

    Please help me with this problem. Thank you- :ange:
  20. Yea the 5570 should run without a new PSU in that computer, it doesnt use much power.
  21. You have a 250W, so it depends o the amperage of the 12V rail. Would you be willing to check the label for us?
  22. Double thread actually, we answered him already.

    ( though we forgot there to ask for the Amps :whistle: )
  23. Thought that computer looked familiar.
  24. 5570 doesnt need much of a power supply, dont see any problems with your p/s
  25. I'm sorry for the double thread. Btw I'm using FSP ATX - 250 PA as my power supply. is it good?
  26. Well, in this case it's good he asking it again, because both of us forgot to ask about the amps in the previous one. :(

    You tempt to just say "go" with the power friendly 5570 and 7750.
  27. looks like an 180w max with 6a on the 12v rail (if im reading that right), but again, the 5570 doesnt use much power, so that should work fine.
  28. i might have came up with a different supply, but the part numbers matched....
  29. Reason for editing: wrong picture sorry :(

    Here are the pictures of the specs of the psu.!!701091831.jpg
  30. 2 12V rails with 10a each? Hmm. You can have a max of 204W on the 12V rails at any time which is...17a total. I think that's enough to either run a 5570 or a 7750.
  31. What kind of madness is this then, 32Amps ??????? I don't get it . . .
  32. certainly enough power for that video card.
  33. 32a sounds like a bit much, these cards do not require a 12v connector, so it makes me wonder how many amps can the pci-e slot handle to begin with?
  34. Sorry guys wrong picture. I edited my last reply, thats the spec that I have. Sorry :(
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    Power Supply Problem.
  36. Just worried that it may malfunction due to low power supply watts since HD 5570 requires 400watts. But I'm not planning on overclocking the cpu and gpu. And play casual games like dota 2 and fps games like COD:MW3.

    Btw is the brand FSP good for psu? Any ideas?
  37. 180W max on the 12V? Bout 15a, thats perfect enough for that card.
  38. But what about the overall watts of my system? Will it be sufficient?
  39. The 12v is all that really matters, for the CPU and the GPU take power from the 12V rails.
  40. So in short, I'm good? That I don't have to change my psu? :D:D
  41. I dont think you will have to change the PSU no.
  42. Thank you very much robjorby and Deemo13. :D
  43. Of course.
  44. Okay so I bought Powercolor HD 5570, too bad its not the old one, i mean when using gpu-z, it shows that the codename is turks instead of redwood, 320 shader proc instead 400, 4 rops instead of 8rops.

    But so far it works :)
  45. Well, as long as it works right?
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