Office lost?

Hey guys, I just upgraded to windows 8 from Vista and im having some problems. When i upgraded I clicked save files so all of them are still on the computer (I think). I cant get any of the office series (Word, Excel, Powerpoint..) working. I can find a file named WINWORD but when i try to open it it just doesnt do anything.

Help anyone?????

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  1. What version MS Office do you have installed? You may just need to re-install Office.
  2. REINSTALL from Office disc...
  3. Office came with my laptop. I had Ms Office 2007.
  4. but after you upgrade, you need to reinstall your app, try doing a repair on the office installation in programs and features.
    Or might just need to run windows update.
  5. windows is up to date. Where would i find the office installation program?
  6. i found the compatibility pack for office 2007. What should i do with it?
  7. The Compatibility Pack just adds some features to Office 2007 to allow it to work better with files from previous versions of Office. You need to re-install the base Office 2007 applications and then re-install the Compatibility Pack.

    Your system should have a folder where the pre-installed applications install programs can be found.

    If you can't find. Try this link to get a new ISO (burn to disk) and reinstall.

    Good luck!
  8. where do i find the base office applications? Sorry, but ive just realised that office didnt actually come installed.... I bought the student pack.
  9. And also i should mention that im in africa and the keys are at home in canada..... My situation doesnt sound too hopeful but it would still be awesome if someone could find a solution....

    Thanks for your help so far though!
  10. Go to the link I sent you earlier and get the Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 download. You should be able to re-install with that. The installation program should pick-up the previous product key when it runs.
  11. cool thanks guys
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