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I've been getting weird gpu usage after I reinstalled my drivers to fix a driver problem, sysinternals shows that no programs are using the 30% of the gpu, but afterburners shows that there is, this triggers the fan to get really loud.

Any clue on what this could be?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The left picture is too small.. Can't really see anything. But are you sure you don't have any malware?
  2. I've scanned with malwarebytes and norton 360, found nothing. I just used the left pic to show the gpu usage of the processes, from what you can see added up is nowhere near the msi afterburner usage.
  3. Thing is it's too small, I cannot see anything :<. Can't you post it in original size?
  4. Hmm I don't really see anything unusual in the visible screen space...
  5. load this gpu monitor on your desktop as a gadget when you start something it will tel you the use of the gpu so you could find witch one trigger it and made the fan go faster
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