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Basically I have just bought the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 2GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI OC graphics card and I can't seem to find a power cable to plug into it. Also I got a cable with it that can be plugged into the graphics card but it has two 4 pin connectors to be plugged into and I have only one spare 4 pin connector that is available so the other one is hanging. My question is can I just leave one hanging or will I need both plugged into the power supply unit?

I also want to know if anyone knows what my power supply has because I've looked everywhere for it online and I can't find anything about it and I'm wondering if it is meant to have a 6 pin connector with it already.
My power supply is a Win Power AD - E500AE - A5 / A6 that is 500W.

Thanks for reading and any help would be really appreciated.
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  1. Edit : I have found this...

    Could I use that to power my graphics card by connecting one 4 pin to the power supply and the other 4 pin to the above cable and then the 6 pin into the graphics card?
  2. I'd strongly recommend against using any adaptors.
    In answer to your questions, you need both 4Pin Molex connected for the adaptor to work. This is not at all ideal. Using one adaptor to power a second adaptor will just compound the problem.

    What you need is one of these (6Pin PCIe power)

    And the only way you will get one is with a new PSU.
  3. God damn it, I thought that I mighta been able to get around that. Ok well thanks for your advice, I've got a new power supply in mind already but I gotta wait till I get some cash before I can get one.
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