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I've heard that AMD 750K can be overclocked easily.I know people who have experience with overclocking and they can help me.So,my question is,when 750K overclocked,does it give a performence like i3 3220?Because i'm building a rig and plan to use it couple years for gaming,video editing,etc.The 750K is cheaper than 3220 and i want to save money for better GPU.And btw,what kind of motherboard am I going to need if I choose 750K?Please help.
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  1. If you are getting a dedicated graphics card get an AM3+ CPU. ~If you can afford it a FX 6300 is good compared to i3 and better if overclocked.
  2. I know it's an fm2 socket even though there's no igpu so you'll need some sort of gpu to get an image.
    not too sure about the over clocking business with that specific processor someone else should be able to help.
  3. I'm getting 650 (Ti version) or HD 7770 VAPOR-X,i have no experience with overcloking and don't plan to upgrade in the future.I will just use it for couple years and that's all.All I need to know if i overclock the 750K will it give the same performance as 3220?
  4. If you want to game get a cheaper CPU ie 965BE and spnd more on the GPU ie Radeon 7850.
  5. Note a 965BE is roughly equal to the i3 at 3.8GHz which it can do easily with a cheap 212Evo cooler.
  6. I could,but couldn't you just answer my question,please?I can get the BE,but i'm just curious about the 750K.And,If I clock the Phenom it will give better performance than the i3,right?

  7. Unless u already have a fm2 socket motherboard as mentioned, u might as well get and overclock a fx 6300, the fm2 Athlon is basically the cpu of an apu with the igpu disabled, and even tho u can overclock far as some say, u start a 3.4ghz where the 6300 is only 100mhz higher, it can reach a high oc to compare to a 8350

    U can get a HIS or Powercolor 7850 for $170, and thats the cost of high end 650 ti and 7770s, i know the vapor x is around $130, and the to averages around the same, but the 7850 is def a good choice.
  8. No,i don't plan to get a 6300.I'm talking about the 750K and i3 3220 and still didn't get it - will 750k perform better than the i3 when overclocked?I don't have much experience with AMD CPU's.
    I could get the 7850,but wouldn't the cpu bottleneck it?
  9. okay, well overclocking isnt real hard, a "k" or black edition cpu is fairly easy, and most decent motherboards have auto overclocking. the 750k is a black edition cpu, where the i3 is not a great overclocker, but im pretty sure u can overclock the Athlon to beat the i3. With an overclock a quad core shouldnt bottleneck a 7850.

    A Phenom ii x4 965 wont bottleneck the 7850, and the athlon being a quad core piledriver cpu it should be fine with it
  10. That's what i needed to know.Thank you.I guess i'll get the 750k or the phenom.It will be enough for me to get a similar performance like i3's.Can you tell me how much can i overclock the anthlon or the 965 cpu? Thank you again. :)
  11. 965s reach 3.8-4GHz easily if your lucky you will get 4.2GHz 750K no idea. This assumes a Coolermaster 212 evo or better.
  12. Both processors?Isn't the stock cooler enough?
  13. I don't want to get 4.2 ghz.If I get 3.8-4 ghz like you said,it will be enough,but still,does it requiere the fan?
  14. the stock cooler is maybe enough to get barely 200mhz, i wouldnt trust it cooling an overclocked cpu
  15. You will not get much safely on the stock cooler on any CPU maybe 200Mz on the 965 400MHz if you are lucky and in a cool room.
  16. So...any cheap cooler that will do the work?
  17. I think the 212 Evo is around the minimum to get tha most out of a 965Be but almost any tower cooler with at least a 90mm fan should come close ie the TX3. Many smaller coolers will not be a huge improvement over the stock one.
  18. Yes the 212 evo for around $30, or the tx3 for $20 is perfect for the cost range, are a big improvement over stock coolers lol
  19. Okay.Thanks. :)
  20. razor_ said:
    Okay.Thanks. :)

    I am a little bit late. It is not recommended to overclock 750K or 965 using stock cooler, especially the stock cooler of 965 is extremely noisy. I have experience with both CPU's: 965 reached 4.1 Ghz at 1.47 V with GA-970A-UD3, 750K reached 4.3 Ghz easily with GA-F2A85X-UP4. The CPU cooler was Noctua 12P
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