Upgrading from nvidia 8800GT

Hi all, I bought my computer about 4 years ago and my graphics card is starting to show its age. Especially with now having a 1080p monitor. I started with a 1024x768 =p

O/s windows 7 and debian 6.0.5 squeeze

Mobo is a Foxconn nforce 590 SLI, and x64 6400+ 3.2ghz 6GB

Monitor is 1920x1080 brand must be nvidia. Catalyst for Linux is very bad.

Games I play: skyrim, CS:Go civ 5 MW:2

Budget is roughly 150 time Frame 2 weeks

Thanks for your help

P.S steam for Linux FTW =D
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  1. Hi.

    What psu do you have ?
  2. I have I believe at least 650 but I think it might be 800. there isn't a tag on the PSU anymore. I'm sure its pretty powerful if it can power that 8800. the card is as big as the Alienware Case. (it's an aurora 7500-R4)
  3. Because you don't want AMD the 560 from Ironslice is the best option i think.
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